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Montesol Experimental

Nearly a century of stories unfolding under one roof. An icon of Ibiza, a jewel at the feet of
Dalt Vila. The juxtaposition of modernity against the backdrop of thousands of years of history.
A Balearic gateway for Hollywood’s biggest stars throughout the 1950s, paving the way for peace & love in the decades that followed.

Ibiza’s original hotel still stands. Spanning 33 rooms, a restaurant and rooftop bar,Experimental Group has reimagined the iconic hotel.

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Dating back to 1933, the Neo-Colonial building has been at the heart of tourism in Ibiza for nearly a century. At the height of its existence from the 1950s-1980s, Montesol was a gateway to the white isle’s hedonistic heyday. Celebrities and royalty, bohemians and hippies flocked to Ibiza and gathered under this very roof. It was where the likes of Pink Floyd, Orson Welles and Carolina de Monaco once stayed.

building detail Montesol experimental hotel ibiza
building detail Montesol experimental hotel ibiza

Experimental in Ibiza

Ibiza turned Experimental in 2013 when the group opened Experimental Beach : A seaside escape tucked away in the Las Salinas salt reserve. In 2021, Experimental Group acquired Gran Hotel Montesol, first renovating the ground floor restaurant and rooftop bar. Now, as Montesol Experimental, designer Dorothée Meilichzon has moved her sights to the bedrooms, carefully infusing a bohemian overtone throughout the interior of the hotel.

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A memory of Ibiza to take home

New for 2023 is a small boutique featuring a curated selection of accessories and clothes from local Spanish artisans to international designers. Items include jewellery from Gas Bijoux, supple leather bags from Malababa, sunglasses to hide tired eyes from Pared Eyewear and incredible handmade scarves and ponchos from Aurea Fibra Nativa.

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Night Fever

In the good old 80s, music and psychedelia hit Ibiza without warning, like a tsunami. Ibiza soon becomes the world's principal party destination, and two little cherries light up the night for thousands of revellers, including everyday people and celebrities alike.
The Rooftop cocktail Bar with views of Dalt Vila is the perfect place to start the evening off a cocktail menu filled with delights, cold glasses of rosé, a beer to cool off after a long, hot day.

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Welcome to Montesol Experimental

Bringing back the treasures of Ibiza, with an Experimental twist.

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april, 2020
april, 2020
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